Successful producer, recording engineer and mixing engineer Nick Terry has been associated with Vic Keary since the early-1990s when Vic offered him his first industry job at his then London studio, Chiswick Reach. Nick, who had been studying electronics at college and was already completely obsessed with valves, learned the studio ropes under Vic and recorded a slew of top artists such as Ian Brown, Primal Scream, Galliano and Robyn Hitchcock at the West London facility before going freelance a few years later. As a UK-based freelance engineer, Nick continued to build up his impressive CV, working with McAlmont and Butler, Klaxons and The Libertines to name but a few.

It was actually while working at Chiswick Reach that he initiated the basic idea for what would become Thermionic’s Culture Vulture product several years further down the line. Nick had an intent fascination with utilising distortion as an alternative to reverb during the mixing process and his early experiments saw him distorting drums and vocals to capture altogether new levels of ambience.

When Vic Keary and Jon Bailes started Thermionic Culture in 1998, it wasn’t until Jon resigned as a director to form Sound Box Creations that Nick was asked to jump on board, duly coming in as both a director and a shareholder. He played a key role in helping design and build core products such as the Freebird, the Pullet and the Fat Bustard, Jon continuing  his own involvement in the co-design of all Thermionic Products.

Three years ago, Nick moved to Norway and - since that time – he’s been heavily involved in both recording and mixing a wide range of leading Norwegian bands and artists as well as a number of US and UK acts including Todd Rundgren. He recently opened his own mixing facility in Oslo where he’s installed a very special console, ingeniously combining the Thermionic product range within the framework of a Rupert Neve desk. Nick enthuses, “It’s the best-sounding console I’ve ever used!” *.

As far as Thermionic Culture goes, Nick Terry is still involved, testing and evaluating prototypes “in the field” as well as developing new product designs with Vic.