Hanan Rubinstein -  Musician / Engineer

Hanan moved to New Jersey from Israel when he was a kid. In his words,”I didn’t have a lot of friends but a lot of free time”, so he played guitars, keys, drums, anything he could get hold of. At 19 he enrolled in SUNY Purchase Conservatory of music, finishing youngest of his class. At the same time he moved up in the New York music scene becoming an in house engineer at Unique Recording Studios and a freelancer. He would often double up as engineer and musician, and as a result would perform live with many of the acts. Some notable acts are Gladys Knight, Kanye West, Nas, BB King, Laiah Hathaway, The Funk Brothers and many more.

He writes plays and records his own music and is also in demand as an engineer and musician. He has a CD album available “The Year I Lived”. He is the guitar player for Alicia Keys.

On Thermionic Culture….

“I have been using Thermionic Culture gear at the Gibson showroom in Berlin where I have been working on various projects…. I fell in love with the smoothness of the Phoenix which just glues everything together like no other compressor I have ever used. The Culture Vulture adds magic to anything – from very subtle colouring to full blown distortion orgies, anything is possible. It even sounded amazing on piano! The Pullet is in a class of it’s own – especially as you can make it behave differently by using various preamps for the makeup gain. A very versatile box that makes you appreciate “passive” on a whole other level. I am very much looking forward to you guys making a console for me some day – a boy can dream!!”