James F Reynolds - Producer / Mix Engineer / Musician

JAMES F REYNOLDS is a British record producer, mix engineer and musician and has been in the business for over 15 years, mixing and producing songs for Tinie Tempah, Snoop Dogg, Gorillaz, Professor Green, The Saturdays, Tinchy Stryder, Pixie Lott, Artful Dodger, Selena Gomez, Super Mal.

As part of British musical ensemble group Braund Reynolds he released “Rocket (A Natural Gambler)”, a Chart hit for 2005 , and the first single to have been the 'record of the week' for three BBC Radio One DJs at the same time.

In 2006 he and Dobs Vye, established a British electronic pop group called Public Symphony, a group whose music has been compared, by the critics, to that of Massive Attack, Coldplay and Pink Floyd.


The Phoenix Mastering Compressor has been an integral and invaluable part of my mixing process for the last 5 years. I have yet to mix a record without using this compressor in my mix buss. It has an amazing glueing effect on mixes and really pulls them together.

On the newer version I find the Side chain bass cut feature very useful as I mix a lot of hip hop and dance based music that has a very weighty bottom end and this feature means I can retain this at the compression stage. Well done Thermionic Culture a great compressor all round”.