Marek Pompetzki

“These days I do a lot of my mixing straight in Protools (okay, sometimes summed through a Neve Melbourn). Plug-ins can sound really good with the right technique but there are a couple of hardware pieces I just couldn’t live without, especially the Phoenix Mastering and the  Mastering Vulture! The Phoenix is simply amazing, it pulls off anything from transparent to bouncy compression. It’s probably the best compressor for tracking vocals, bass and acoustic guitars and when it’s time to mix, it sounds really huge on the 2-bus. And the Culture Vulture is fantastic to turn boring sounds into something exciting. Hiphop drums too clean? Distort them with the Vulture and mix them in parallel. Wanna track bass but are too lazy to get out an amp? Just track it through the Vulture. Guitars don’t stand out in the mix? Soft Synths too clean and boring? Well, you get the point... I absolutely love the Thermionic Culture gear.”

“I can see a couple more of your fine products in my future. All I can add is that the Mastering Vulture is all I ever use for tracking bass. Its DI input combined with a good amount of distortion replaces my bass amp needs.”

Marek is based in Berlin and is one of the most accomplished and successful Producer / Writer /Engineers in Germany. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and is extremely versatile in his production style and has reached the Top 10 singles and albums charts with his high quality urban, dance, rock, retro soul and pop music productions and songs. In 2009 he was nominated for 4  German Grammy awards.

He has been deeply involved with several platinum selling singles and albums such as Cassandra Steen’s “Stadt”, Stefanie Heinzmann’s “Masterplan” – a German Grammy winner,and German hiphop artist Sido where he co-wrote and produced every track on the album.

Marek has worked with; Antonina Armato and Tim James (Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey), Jud Friedman (Whitney Houston, Tina Turner), Pam Sheyne (Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Corinne Bailey Rae), Francci (JoJo, Keisha Cole), TnT (Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez)

Artists he has worked with include; Shaggy, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Connor, Rakim, Grandmaster Flash, Naughty by Nature, Jam & Spoon, Crystal Waters and far too many more to list !