Wiring Specialist

Four years ago, Sandie joined Thermionic’s production assembly team, bringing over 25 years of soldering and wiring experience - including a lengthy stint at Raytheon - along with her. She still fondly muses about the moment she first witnessed solder flowing from pin-to-pin and has been “hooked” on the process ever since!  Sandie’s primary day-to-day responsibilities at the Thermionic factory involve building the Mastering versions of our Phoenix and Culture Vulture units.

A keen music fan, Sandie ensures there are tunes playing constantly while the team are assembling new pieces of gear and she adores listening to everything from classic-era Pink Floyd right through to some of today’s most exciting contemporary acts. Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’, Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Tunnel of Love’ and Jake Bugg’s eponymous debut all feature high up in Sandie’s all-time favourite albums list.